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Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better. Lets nurture the nature with harmless, natural, soil and environmental friendly organic products.


Own Patent products helps maintaining Soil and Crop health.

SAMOP was founded and is lead by the scientist who has over 40+ years of research experience in advocating the right solutions for Horticulture  and Agriculture crops.

Bio Natural Products that maintains soil and crop health for expected productivity.

SAMOP's Specialization

Bio- fungicides & Bio- bactericides

Crop boosters (Bio- insecticides)

Micronutrients & Growth promoters

Crop Specials (Bio- nematicide)

AMC – Actual Microbial Consortia


Crop Specials (Bio- fungicides & Bio- bactericides) (Powder formulations)

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Wide range of products for floriculture are available

Soil Enricher (Soil Bio-Enricher) (Powder and Liquid formulations)

Crop boosters (Bio- insecticides) (Liquid formulations)

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"Patent products, superior quality. Best combination for the Soil microbes and Crop health. "


Whether you’re curious about SAMOP’s product benefits, purchase, or even a free trial, we’re here to answer any questions.